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Who was the insane man in Galthen's personal diary? Furthermore, what do the Planegazers have to do with all of this?

"Personal diary of Galthen, The Found Man
(Maintained by the royal library of Bounac in gratefulness and kind remembrance of the benevolent knight and scholar Galthen)

I met a most peculiar person on my travels. Visiting Carlin for a bit of rest and recreation during a time of peace, still weary from my travels and a recent quarrel with a broken mage, I found this strange fellow half dead in a shed amidst a few unnerved horses. Completely disturbed, mad from hunger and thirst and with no recollection of his recent past. There was, however, a glint in his eyes. Not from the fires of madness but from hope. The maddening search for something, fueling your anger with raw power to go forward and thrive towards uncertain goals. A state of mind I understand only too well.

So I picked the poor fellow up and, with the help of a local healer and simply taking some time to listen, I gave him the opportunity to rest for a bit. Turns out my initial impression was quite accurate, he was indeed looking for something. Or rather... someone. It wasn't clear to me at that time what the definition of the thing was, but I now have to assume he was part of a larger organisation. A secret society, formed for the sole purpose of answering a simple question: what is behind "everything".

He never spoke about its peers, had no family and absolutely no memory of what happened to him or along his way for at least weeks, monthis even. At night he would suddenly wake up, screaming. Putting everyone else in the resting chambers around himm, terrifying them by his calls for mercy, not for him but for lost friends and mentors. I got the feeling he was left completely alone and had to endure a most horrible and unfortunate chain of events that led to his ultimate demise. He then screamed relentlessly for half an hour only to fall asleep again out of pure exhaustion. The whole procedure often repeated itself several times until the morning. After a few days he managed to sleep through. Getting ever more tranquil in the process. When conscious he never answered any questions clearly or even directly. His mind constantly drifting away, there was not much sense in what he said. Yet some of his ramblings showed a certain method behind his thoughts. He actually tried to keep his mind occupied, distracted from... something. As if the mere thought was more horrifying than everything else. While his subconsciousness could barely keep his mind in check during his sleep, he finally managed to compose himself during the day. This gave evidence not only of a significant intelligence but also a great mind. In a week's time, he gained a state of calm serenity neither me nor a healer could get him out of. He refrained from speaking but a word after that.

As to why I am mentioning this absurd chance-meeting in these notes I would like to state that this driven individual was far from being a madman. My own research and knowledge in this matter have lead to the conclusion that he is indeed one of the Planegazers. A mere myth, a rumour until now. I came across their legend quite some time ago but it was all speculation and tall tales about hidden riddles of our time. Now I look at them with slightly different eyes for even I cast their ambition away as either completely fictitious or downright insane."
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Would it be possible for you to add a link to the text of the diary or even just paste the text into your question if it isn't to long to see what you are referring to exactly?
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well, seems like that person is known as "the most peculiar person" said on the galthen section, so i would do my research looking for such peculiar one, maybe i success.

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