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Something which I actually didn't know about it until reading old forum post


something which we can find on Midnight Panthers Library https://www.tibia.com/library/?subtopic=creatures&race=midnightpanther

What so far we know about it and did actually anyone managed to find this creature?

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I just found this article mystery of the unjaga from tibiasecrets.com. Sound like just an idea of (Cipsoft) never implemented or work on it.

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Yes, I briefly saw it and thought there is some more progress (article is from 2020). Found also video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfU8GaK1AQQ - from 2021 but is not in English and is actually containing the same parts of article (which does not seem to have even information that is TibiaSecrets is Quoted -_-).
I thought of the achievement Something's in There as animal makes sound "grrr" and i thought it also whistles ! but it accordingly to Tibiawiki it got to do with Sumatran rat-monkey... xD
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I just wanted to add that as of now (I really hope it will change someday) creature named "Unjaga" doesn't exist as a killable monster in-game. :(
 It can be checked via utevo res ina spell: https://i.imgur.com/JV6Bxuq.png
 Nevertheless, there might be some hidden hints somewhere, same as with the giant ape of Tiquanda.