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Recently while talking to NPC Jessica I came across an interesting thing unrelated to any known quest. If you ask her about 'rumours' she will tell us that Sven is willing to pay 1,000 gold pieces for each Venorean hunter's head. 

It turns out that Venore hunters reside near Svargrond. Their base is located on Tyrsung. Jessica hates the Venoreans. Sven has no sympathy for them either. According to Jessica, we need to say the word „Blubber” when talking to Sven. Supposedly it's a secret word that will tell Sven that he can trust us. If we go to him and in the NPC channel type the word "Blubber" Sven will answer us, but apparently, he is surprised and does not give us any task. Turns out Jessica probably fooled us.

However, when we copy the word "Blubber" from Jessica's statement instead of typing it, strange things start to happen. The image below shows the use of the copied word.

When you try to send a copied word in the NPC Channel, the message "Sorry, not possible" appears and Sven doesn't react to the word. It looks like the word "Blubber" in Jessica's statement contains some unknown encoding or some hidden characters. I asked my friend to check it on a completely different computer and account. The result was the same. 

I would like to know what is the purpose of this? I've had a lot of conversations with NPCs and this is the first time I've seen such a strange situation. I suspect this is some kind of bug, but I'd like to make sure because it's a strange case that this "secret" word is bugged.

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Digging more into subject re Venorans: Svargrond was established by Norsir (barbarians) & Carliners. Norsir who were having business with Carliners, become more "civilised" true this relationship-which divided them from the other Barbarians and then Carlin had permanent access to the tunnels (mystic caves) with valuable ores. Now:
"However, the rivals from Venore have also started to show interest in the Ice Islands and established a camp in a small bay on Tyrsung.".
Going this path- there are two NPC's, which are Venore representatives- Zora (who btw had bounty on her head for Piracy! Maybe she can tell you about Klabautermen  ^^) and Baltim who are surrounded with smugglers and Pirates - and when you go on the ship and you can go underwater..... hmmm ;)
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@idontknow Good observations. I also researched this thread on Tyrsung. I love this kind of research. I wish you the best of luck. You may come across something unexpected. @FPoPP I have already sent the bug report. We'll see what comes out of it.
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Nice @Mogh ! I think that we are up to something!

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