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Some NPCs won't talk to you unless you say specific words. 

  1. If you could mention the NPCs name
  2. What you would say to the NPC to start a conversation instead of "hi"

It would be most appreciated as this could help some players if they're trying to figure out how to talk to the NPC.

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Hi Shawtay!

The Npcs I know doesn't response if you say Hi are:

 and  from the mission Dolis - The Last Planegazer, from Opticording_Sphere_Quest

The word you have to say to start a conversation with them is: PLNSTRDR.

The Greet Royalty of Tibia, we must say "HAIL followed with their names "x" (X= The name of the royalty we talk to talk, The King Tibianus, The Queen of Carlin and The Emperor of Kazordoon)" Example: Hail King Tibianus.

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You also have to greet royalty with hail I believe. The king of Thais, queen of Carlin, and Emperor of Kazordoon. If I remember correctly
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Also "A Starving Dog" in Svargrond, you have to say "Sniffler" to be able to interact with him, he is part of the Ice Islands Quest.