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I find it quite distasteful when you spend quite a lot of money or TC on carpets to decorate your house, only to find out that you cannot unfold any carpet where a ladder or a door are present. This breaks the decoration pretty clearly.

I am sure many people have raised this to CipSoft and I guess we can hope that maybe, one day, they will solve this displeasing issue. In the meantime:

Does anybody have a good workaround to cover those places with something that can conceal this bug? (to me it is an unsolved bug).

Example of tiles under ladder and lintel next to decorated floor:

Example of how it looks when I put a marble floor (I cannot apply it, as I get the message "To fully enjoy the marble, make sure you place it atop an empty and clean floor."), but at least to cover most of the tile:

This one is worse, example when I put it where the ladder is standing:

Current workaround below:

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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This kind of problems were the main factor in my choice of the house in Tibia :D I chose house without ladders, permanent carpets etc. and for now it's the only solution. I used custom floor only in rooms where there is no beds (the same visual problem).
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There are some items that fill whole SQM , try to find those to make the ilusion of something filled. 
Maybe some flower/plants could make the work, time ago I had the same problem and I used this to fill that:


But I think that this also could work for you 

Try to find big things like this and you will fill that void in that sqm.

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In my house, I hid this defect by using wooden trunk Wooden Trunk or the terrarium Terrarium (Moving).


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Savage deco <3
Would love to see the whole thing
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Okay, here is my idea :) 

Bitter Smack Leaf

Pink Roses 

Folded Rift Carpet 

now there is a hole because on the right side there was an NPC and a friend took him.

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I understand your irritation, I have the same problem with ladders. 

But there are several ways to do this.

You can use floor items that cover the entire sqm and ladders for example:

Demon Pet 

Magical Tree  or Yellow Roses   + Gilded Imbuing Shrine  with combo.

Also 2x Leaves  or any Tapesry​​​​​​under.

There are really many possibilities. It also depends on your decoration but you can easily choose something for yourself :)


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Thank you for the ideas!

I currently rely on this solution:

No glimpse of ladder. And I have to keep the door shut. smiley