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I've heard a rumor on English Chat that some players have full demon sets on Rookgaard or Dawnport. Was it just the equipment they were wearing or also items in their backpack? How was this possible as I heard it was a bug in the past but I cannot confirm? I'm interested in history and I think this is so bizarre I just have to get an answer.

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Well, I know a history that happend at Harmonia years ago. In that case the player "Potty on Harmonia" appeared in Rookgard with a Spike Sword and couple of other itens, first she said she had done the Sword of Fury quest, but after a lot of speculation the true came up.

What happened was that a GameMaster teleport her from rook directly to darashia, so she was level 4 without vocation at Mainland, once in Main she received some itens like blue robe, dark shield, and the spike sword. After a couple of days she contacted a Gamemaster and explained that she was at the mainland without vocation so she was sent back to Rookgard, but she kept the itens in her bag.

In  the end she returned all the itens.

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Wow I didn't know about that story, thanks for sharing.
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The main and more common bug was that you were able to keep your items when transferring from Dawnport to Rookgaard. There was a secondary bug that you could also claim your items on Dawnport once you reached level 8 and then "throw them back" to another character. The character could then transfer to Rookgaard and keep some items that were supposed to be destined for mainland.


There was another bug I believe that I am unaware of that allowed you to somehow get items directly from main to Rookgaard. You can see them in this video which, as far as I know, is not fake, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_tj8L8JcN8

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I have heard of a bug that allowed players to rook their chars while wearing an aol which permitted them to bring mainland items to rook, there is a recent video which shows an spike sword on rookgard, which is believed to have been brought this way

--- EDIT --- 

On another video shared here there is a comment from the guys appearing on the video and he says he got it thru a bug, but no using aol

No, i used a bug that got fixed 3 days after dawnport update (because i reported it along with some other bugs ^^) , so no, is no longer working.. And no, i didnt use aol.. It was quite more complicated than that.

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