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I was wondering if I was in Rookgaard am I able to go to Dawnport? One of my characters was made in rook and hasn't been to dawnport yet.

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You cannot do that directly, as stated by Inigo in Dawnport.

You can, however, advance till level 8 in Rookgaard, leave to Island of Destiny, proceed to Mainland, downgrade to below level 6, returning to Dawnport at level 2.

Pretty troublesome route but that's the way.

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I'm curious how you have a character that has never been to Dawnport?  Did you make the character before September 15 2014? ANd yeah I had to look it up lol.

There is no way back to Dawnport once left.  Rooking gets you from the Mainland to Rookgaard or from the Isle of Destiny to Rookgaard but there is no way (barring any bugs) to return to Dawnport after leaving
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I have a character that's in Dawnport, but I also have a character that's in Rook :) Thanks for the info! Oh so Im confused does rooking really bring you back to Rook and not Dawnport?
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When you create a new character you begin your journey on Dawnport, where you can stay until level 20, then you are forced to choose a vocation and leave the island into mainland.

While on Dawnport, you have the option to leave the island and go to Rookgaard, when doing this, there is no way back to Dawnport from Rookgaard, the only way I can think of is by being between level 8 and 10, choosing a vocation and going to Mainland, then, you would have to die until you are downgraded from level 6 to 5, then, your character would have it's level reseted to 2 and go to Dawnport back again.
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