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I recently started to play in Rookgaard again and am curious as to what items can be transferred from Dawnport to Rookgaard? This is helpful for collectors in Rookgaard. Also to those planning to bring some items to help them along their way. I was kinda sad when I found out I couldn't bring The Chiller and some other equipment so this is ultimately helpful.
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I think no items can be transport anymore since an update removed that. You will always appear with basic or no equipment at all in Rookgaard
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Did you verify this? I think there's some items you can bring over. Like what's dropped from creatures.
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no i havent thats why i wrote it as a comment i will experiment and then come back with the result for an actual answer ^.^ but i know for sure things like armor and the jagged sword are no longer transferable
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What or who called your attention back  to Rookgaard again?
If im not mistaken i did appeared with some trash itens on the bag after going to Rook, not only the basics. I will try it again, a few times...

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This list of items that you can take from Dawnport to Rookgaard is as follows:

  • quiver
  • rotten piece of cloth (ghoul removed)
  • ghoul snack (ghoul removed)
  • bat wing (can't be looted anymore)
  • piece of warrior armor (mino guard removed)
  • wool
  • coal
  • pile of grave earth (ghoul removed)
  • brown piece of cloth (ghoul removed)
  • roll
  • grapes
  • apple
  • blueberry
  • rum flask of: rum, water, blood, slime
  • bottle of: rum, water, blood, slime
  • cookie
  • cherry
  • salmon
  • coloured egg
  • egg
  • bread
  • cheese
  • meat
  • ham
  • peanut
  • walnut
  • party hat
  • leather legs
  • leather helmet
  • coat
  • jacket
  • battle shield (mino guard removed)
  • scale armor (ghoul removed)
  • double axe (mino guard removed)
  • life ring (ghoul removed)
  • intense healing rune
  • energy field rune
  • convince creature rune
  • fish tail
  • dirty cape (29.5 oz.)
  • rubbish (0.70 oz.)
  • rubbish (1.20 oz.)
  • wooden trash 5.70 oz.
  • crystal rubbish
  • 2x stone rubbish
  • piece of iron
  • rotten meat
  • remains of a fish
  • broken pottery
  • bone
  • big bone
  • fishbone
  • dirty fur
  • worn leather boots
  • broken sword
  • burnt down firewood
  • broken bottle (2.00 oz.)
  • broken flask (2.50 oz.)
  • broken brown glass (1.70 oz.)
  • broken green glass (1.70 oz.)
  • rope
  • shovel
  • pick
  • fishing rod
  • dead wolf (150 oz.)
  • dead wolf (210 oz.)
  • bag
  • crate
  • shopping bag
  • backpack
  • gold coin
  • platinum coin
  • crystal coin
  • book (13 oz.)
  • document (2 oz.)
  • scroll (2 oz.)
  • parchment scroll (0.50 oz.)
  • burnt scroll (0.40 oz.)
  • torn book (11 oz.)
  • heavy old tome
  • string of mending
  • bunch of winterberries
  • old rag
  • strange amulet
  • trophy stand
  • broom
  • bucket
  • cleaver
  • party trumpet
  • snowball
  • key: 0010
  • fireworks rocket
  • inkwell
  • skull
  • torch
  • flour
  • lump of dough
  • envelope from the wizards (disappears after the event is over)
  • strange <color> powder (disappears after the event is over)
  • letter from the wizards (disappears after the event is over)
  • skeleton (100 oz.)
  • most of mainland items (from blessing bug in 2014)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/rookgaard/wiki/index/rookgaardfaq/dawnportitems

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I was curious about this answer and since no one still post any I decided to make my own research.

And the answer is: there is not items that can be transferred to Rookgaard from Dawnport.

I create a char a loot the following items: Chain Helmet, Studded Helmet, Studded Club, but when I ask for visit Rookgaard all those items just disappear:

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Creature products, gold coins, and food can be transferred over to you from Dawnport, to Rookgaard!
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Which creature products ? When I asked the NPC to bring me to Rookgaard I automatically appears with the normal set of Rookgaard. The potions, arrows and food I had just disappears.
books also can be taken to rookgaard, ord used to.