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May 04 2020
Premium Time for Feedback form30 days (from: Jun 17 2020 to: Jul 17 2020)

I was accessing my alternative accounts and was surprised after seeing one of these account receiving 30 days of Premium Time.

Unfortunately, this Premium Time would be way more useful during a good monthly event, like Jean Pierre... But for that period, it is a pretty bad time for events at all!

What can I do to get a good advantage out of this surprise? I never really planned to do something meaningful with this account. I got 19 level 8 and 1 level 10 on it. All of these characters are knights (yeah, that was a mistake).

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So you have 20 low lvl chars on one premium account. There are so many possibilities to use their power, let me give you a good bunch of ideas:

  • (PACC) Each one of your chars can get one every 24h on Roshamuul. This may be very profitable, as you may ask for example 60k for each bp of these
  • (FACC) Rottin Wood's task for . All you need is a which can be found near Rottin every floor reset or bought in Venore for 10 gp. There is approx. 1% chance to get it so with 20 chars the effort becomes much more promising. The horn's price can reach even 2kk on some servers
  • (FACC) Santa Claus. Every Christmas you get 20 chances for , and which are all extremely valuable
  • (FACC) This actually requires lots of effort and is not easy, but here is what my brother did. He has an account with 20 facc chars and he managed to buy 20x for just 1kk. Now he gets 200x daily for free, as he keeps the kegs in his house. It equals to 29k daily and 10.6kk in a year! Multiply your chars and kegs to get even more
  • (FACC) If you level your knights to lvl 20 with average skills, you can use them to camp 20 Anmothras during the Raise of Devovorga event. It will get you 20x and therefore massive profit
  • (PACC) There is a in Issavi which can be safely reached even by lvl 8. You can open it every 20h with a chance to get a giant shimmering pearl (3k)
  • (FACC) Each of your chars can do the swamp digging task every week with a chance to get
  • (FACC, one time only) NPC Edala can give you a if you spare a whole week. With 20 of them, you can make a nice profit, 1kk for all sounds pretty reasonable

I'm sure that there are more interesting ways to profit with low lvl chars, but I can't recall anymore as of now. It's also a good idea to train offline with each of these knights as even very average skills of 60, may become very handy in various facc tasks mentioned above.

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Thanks a lot, Williams. What are your thoughts on Chayenne Key tactic by the way? I wonder if you invest on such items. Their price are going up and up and it is related to nice quest ^^
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Pearls do add up, I'm glad you included that!
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Chayenne's key is extremely expensive and it easily reaches even 80kk on optional-pvp worlds or 50kk on Antica. But if you have lvl 40+ chars, someone willing to borrow you the key (not a problem if you have your own), time, and someone's assistance to do the quest, then... Go for it. It's just kind of time-consuming and requires some effort.
Personally, I've never had this key, so I'm not able to share my personal experience. Nevertheless, there is and there will always be a market for music boxes, so the idea is nice overall.
+ I'm not willing to invest in it. I've got a feeling that they can make it lootable in some years again, but that's just me :P
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Interesting! Thanks a lot for your input!!
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One option is farm creature products. I would suggest blood crabs as ek in liberty bay.

Second option: find a friend with a chayenne key and up character to lvl 40 to sell music box ( a friend made really good profit with it)

Third option: minotaur task to get dwarven helmets (not worth much these days but still an option)

Fourth option  farm the dry piece of wood on bewitched event depending on server they worth a lot since need 500 to complete all achievements. People pay a lot for them. I would recommend this option if you got a lot of free time during the event.
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And in order to get dry piece of wood, I need to kill the event tree monster there, right? Seems hard to do

You mean the blood crabs in Meriana? Cool I guees!

wow nice idea about Chayenne key. What is the price of a chayenne key usually?
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Yes either under frogs respawn or in south east meriana cave, the key is quite expensive but can change a lot between server, a friend in gentebra got one for 45kk last week