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Without using real money and no premium account how easy is to a new player to get 1kk without any other player helping?
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If u have patience and time... u can hunt wasps and bears... every honeycomb and bear paw can be really well sold.

U can also try your lucky in some hunts, like witches and mummies that can drop very rare itens (stuffed toad and mini mummy) and u can easily make your 1kk with one or two of them.

Furthermore, u can try the Hunting Horn daily task... or make 500 chars to get 500 Diapasons and keep selling them until u get your money.

Well, at any choice, time and luck will be needed.

So, no, it's not easy, although it's possible. :D
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Not sure if you are asking about difficulty or time investment needed.

The difficulty level is very low since all you have to do is hunt either swamp trolls or amazons for ages. Depending on demand at a certain point you could throw in some gloom wolfs for their fur as well.

The time investment would be pretty bad though. Skills on new chars are bad so it takes pretty long to kill monsters early on and you would probably also have to carry a decent amount of potions to not get killed by amazons/valks. Depending on the price of protective charms and medicine pouches on the server you'd start on it would vary a lot though. I can imagine those items being extremely high demand on some servers while others only have medium to low demand - this mainly applies to pouches though. I believe the charms are high demand on almost every server due to being needed for the crit imbue.

Another factor could also be, depending on server type and population, that you would most likely be killed a lot if you stick to these spawns. People do it a lot on Antica at least. It's free profit farming those "noobs" in the farming spots right?

It is not a very hard task but it will take a fairly long time and could be very frustrating if you get killed after a long session just to drop your bp and lose all the progress.
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The best option, without any doubt, is hunting rope belts in dark cathedral at POH. There are massive amount of dark monks, and rope belts "real" drop rate is few times higher than drop of protective charms. From my experience I can tell You, that knight at lvl 60 (free ACC) with boots of haste and decent sword, can make profit close to 100k per hour.

I think it is possible to start hunt there from level 30-40+. The only issue is to avoid Giant spiders during your way to cathedral, beacuse there are many at POH, and may be deadly for lvl 30.
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actually, you can avoid any GS going through the Outlaw Camp and keeping yourself close to the western border of the peninsula when walking near PoH if you are going to Dark Cathedral on a "safe way". I've been hunting there since a long time ago!

Oh, other cool thing about Outlaw Camp is the fact that they have a mailbox over there (not locked for Postman's Quest), right near Snake's Eyes bar! You can do lootbags on DC and send them to your depot by there!
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I guess you mean to say 1kk money in game? And the answer for me is: Not easy at all for sure lol.

I would say that the 2 fastest ways of getting money without external help and being free account would be these two:

 -  Hunting stonefiners of venore and drillworms in kazordoon.

 - Farmining protective charms from the amazons and gloom wolf furs from the gloom wolves in venore

Of course there are other free account places where you could get money as walocks, but I dont think it would work at low levels.
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yes I mean the game money... to me it is impossible to have a lvl 8 with that amount but everyone say its easy so I decided to ask...
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If you have luck or a lot of low level characters you can try to get a Hunting Horn in the daily task in Outlaw Camp. The quest is for free accounts and the Hunting Horn is worth around 600k-1.2kk. The chance of getting one is around 1 every 100 tries.  Since it is a daily task it would take on average 100 days, but if you have 10 chars, you can probably get one in 10-15 days if you do the tasks for all 10 chars every day.

Another option is to hunt swamp trolls to get medicine pouches. That would probably take around 20 or more days of solo hunting 6h a day.

If you already have 2kk or more, another option would be to buy and sell Tibia Coins in the market. Free accounts can add offers for TC in the market, so you can buy for a price and sell for a 300 gp profit each. If you have time and can check for the market every 15 minutes or something this could be a good option.

I have tried all the approaches above and was able to get around 800k with free accounts in all three, but I think it is not worth the time. If you find it fun to do it, then it is ok. If you are trying to save real money, then it is not a good approach as you will probably spend more on the energy bill.
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Are you sure about that  free account can create an offer in market?
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As far as I know, the only item a free account can create an offer in the market is tibia coins.
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I am not sure about making 1kk at that low of level but I know you can make a lot of money by just picking up vials in some spawns. I have gone to a few spawns where there are so many vials on the ground and I have threw them all in the loot bag and sell them and I have made 2kk loot baging in some higher spawns. I am sure you could find something similar in a few lower spawns. I have also made 1kk on rookguard before level 20 by loot baging plate shields and chain armors in minos.