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For example, life crystals can be traded into Chester Kahs in exchange for life rings. Chester Kahs is located on second floor of Royal Academy just east of the King's castle in Thais) You just need to say,  Hi>Gamel rebel>yes>magic crystal>Lugri death curse to him.

It would be good to know what items I can happily exchange into something else. 

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  1. Minor Crystalline Token - They can be traded for reputation points (5 points per token), outfit items, equipment and some other items with Gnomally: ,,.
  2. Major Crystalline Token - can be traded for outfit items, equipment and some other items with Gnomally: ,,,,,,,,,,,,
  3.  Soul Orb - can trade 1 soul orb for 3 Infernal Bolts with the Sweaty Cyclops in Ab'Dendriel, with a rare chance to get 6 infernal bolts.
  4. Arena Badge - exchange them with Lorenzo for packs of potions and sometimes Surprise Cube.
  5. Christmas Token - You can also trade the tokens with him for the following items: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  6. Christmas Present Bag - Trade it for a Christmas Token at the NPC Ruprecht on Vega.
  7. Cluster of Solace - Required for Umbral Creation - to create and refine Umbral Weapons.
  8. Silver Raid Token -You can trade 20 Silver Raid Tokens for one of the following items:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.
  9.  Gold tokens - Can be exchanged with Yana for various weapons and for Creature Products that can be used to imbue them.
  10. Medicine Pouch - You can give this item to NPC Ottokar at anytime to get a Belongings of a Deceased.
  11.  Seeds - Trade 5 Seeds for a Flower Pot with Rosemarie. - ,,,,,,
  12.  Spider Silk - Marina can make 1 yarn in exchange for 10 Spider Silks if you do a favour for her.

Source TibiaFandom - link 

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I'll add as I remember:

Also the Sweaty Cyclops you can forge certain rare metals from common items, take a look below:

ProductResult (language)
Devil HelmetPiece of Hell Steel (Za'Ralator)
Crown ArmorPiece of Royal Steel (Uth'Kean)
Dragon ShieldPiece of Draconian Steel (Uth'Lokr)
Giant SwordHuge Chunk of Crude Iron (Uth'Prta)
Gear WheelIron Ore (trade Iron Ores for Gear Wheels)
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I didn't know about small Diamonds :o
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it is a pity that you used what I wrote and edited the statement. not nice.
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Used what you wrote? All info I got from TibiaFandom.
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There is alot items you can exchange for others, and here is my list:

  • Gold Tokens can be exchange for some Destruction Weapons , , , , , , , ,and also for some creature products neededs for imbuements with .
  • Silver Tokens, 100 of them can be exchanged for the following armors: ,,,,, , , , , , , , , ,  and you can also exchange 200 of them to complete the Full Rift Warrior Outfit  with .
  •  Percht Skull, during the Winterlight Solstice, you can exchange one skull with  for one of the following mounts: , and after have those 3 you can also exchange 3 more skulls for this anothers: ,.
  •  can be exchange for a  with .
  •  can be exchange for a  with .
  • 100  can be exchange for a  with .
  • One  can be exchange for awith 
  • One  can be exchange for awith .
  • 100  for a  Winning Lottery Ticket (Keep in mind that this is completely random.)

And there is more but I just realized that they guys say already so isnt point to wrote it again crying

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Haha I talked about gold tokens but i forgot about silver tokens XD
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Im so sad, cuz I always wrote my answers and when I save it there was 5 more answer before mine. I use so long time to put each pic lol XD.
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The ones I remember are the next:

Life Crystal into Life Ring with Chester Kahs in Thais.

With the NPC A Sweaty Cyclops you can trade these Items by saying the word at the end:

Devil Helmet into Piece of Hell Steel (Za'Ralator

Crown Armor into Piece of Royal Steel (Uth'Kean

Dragon Shield into Piece of Draconian Steel (Uth'Lokr

Giant Sword into Huge Chunk of Crude Iron (Uth'Prta

Gear Wheel into Iron Ore (trade Iron Ores for Gear Wheels)

Gold Ingot into Cup of Molten Gold (item to tame White Deer)

Soul Orb into Infernal Bolts (3 bolts per orb)

In Venore city you can trade:

Mystic Turban into Blue Piece of Cloth (with NPC Irmana)

Red Robe into Red Piece of Cloth (with NPC Irmana)

150 Green Tunics into 1 Green Piece of Cloth (with NPC Irmana)

In Adventurer's Guild you can trade:

You can exchange Gold Tokens with Yana for Creature Products or Weapons

Or Silver Tokens for Addons with the same NPC.

You can also trade 20 Silver Raid Token for one Replica of any Fansite Item with NPC Jorge.

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 Haroun and Yaman

  • Enchanted Chicken Wing  for Boots of haste 
  • Flask of Warrior Sweat  for x4 Warrior Helmet
  • Magic Sulphur for  x3 Fire Sword
  • Spirit Container for x2 Royal Helmet