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Let's keep in mind that this situation would be new char created in a server without any friend or acquaintance and obviously without any other older character giving equipment to you. The situation would be of a level 20 that just got out Dawnport, and needs to get some equipment and money fast... Quests for small groups of low level players are also accepted, since it is reasonable to theorize that the low level player will find others in the same situation.

EDIT: Made the question much better to understand and also added a level information.

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I made a chart of most quests for level 20 I included the type of quest, name, and some rewards displayed that I think are the main reason to do the quest. Other rewards might not be shown due to word limit, I also didn't include achievements or requirements. Some quests offer more profit and are easier than others. The ones I think are best are bold and of course I recommend all the world quests and world changes if their available for you to do. I didn't include some quests for level 20 that I don't think are beneficial, you can find a full list of quests here- https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Quests Please note some quests have items as a reward in which you could easily sell to other players through the market or benefit from later on just be sure to check the market prices to see if it's worth questing for on your world. Happy Questing!

Solo profit quests

The Scatterbrained Sorcerer Quest

5350 gp and 10650 experience. *Please note this is a longer quest than most but I think this quest is easy for low levels. 

The Exterminator Quest

Small Sapphire, Small Ruby, Small Amethyst, Small Emerald

Troll Sabotage Quest

Elvenhair Rope or 200gp and Jerom's Family Necklace. You can sell the Elvenhair rope for money through the market. 

The Ultimate Booze Quest

Light Shovel, 10 Platinum Coins.

Arito's Task Quest

50 Platinum Coins.

Nomads Land Quest

50 Platinum Coins, Jewel Case (Nomad), The Sacred Casket (Book), 2 Small Sapphires.

Pilgrimage of Ashes Quest

all blessings with 1000 gold discount (once only), 20 platinum coins. This quest is something to do before level 25, I'd recommend it if you want to invest in your future and also bless you for your death. 

Steal From Thieves Quest

100 Brown Mushrooms, 100 Gold Coins. It doesn't  hurt to take the item in this quest and sell it in the market. 

Killing in the Name of... Quest

I like the Crocodiles task, the boss is named The Snapper. The Tarantulas task w/ invisibility (stealth ring) is a good idea for profit, the boss is named Hide. This quest will help you in the long run, it's good to be aware you might waste if your unlucky but consider this an investment in your future for experiencing and money if your lucky. If your looking for something that doesn't require killing creatures I'd suggest the other quests below. Also, here's a good tutorial on youtube regarding the tasks "Grizzly Adams Task Guide on Tibia for level 6-49: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZ9Nqk_UOdg 

Daily tasks

Rottin Wood and the Married Men Quest

2,500 gp, 1600 experience, possible chance to get Hunting Horn or Time Ring.

Venore Daily Tasks

Daily: 1,000 Exp, 1,000 gp. 


The Desert Dungeon Quest

100 Platinum Coins and a green bag with: Protection Amulet, Ring Of Healing, Magic Light Wand and Ankh.

Blood Herb Quest 

Bloodherb / Witchesbroom *I recommend this with a team because the Giant Spider hurts. You can sell the bloodherb on the market. Might not be a good idea for a level 20 so proceed with caution or have higher level friends. 

Mini world changes or world changes

Noodles is Gone Mini World Change 

1,000 experience points and 500 gp, Fan Doll of Queen Eloise or a Basket (Puppies).

Thawing Mini World Change   

Ice Flower Seeds that you can sell on the market.

Swamp Fever World Change 

Potential to obtain Slug Drug through a medicine pouch. Doesn't hurt to try if you have time, but this is based off of luck. 

World quests

A Piece of Cake 

one of these: a Cake Backpack, a Cake Cabinet Kit or a Cake Tapestry. One of three Cupcakes: Blueberry Cupcake, or the Strawberry Cupcake, or Lemon Cupcake.

The Colours of Magic 

Zaoan Chess Set

Spring into Life  

Surprise Nests

Rise of Devovorga 

Reward for level 20- Devovorga Statue, Stone of Insight, Demon Backpack containing 2 Tentacle Pieces, Berserk Potion, Mastermind Potion, Bullseye Potion and a Red Gem

The Lightbearer 

Reward depends on basins lit. Requires access to other quests so if your solo you will most likely only be able to light 1 basin as there's so many dangers. Might as well light the Kazordoon basin once or help with other basins. But you can benefit from the Midnight shards of course. Reward for Players who lit at least 1 basin: Silver Fafnar Trophy (by using the Statue of Fafnar (Lightbearer), 20 Midnight Shards; Brocade Backpack containing a Death Ring, a Ring of Healing, a Stealth Ring, a Time Ring, 50 Christmas Tokens, 2 Gold Ingots, a Giant Shimmering Pearl (Green) and 30 Small Topazes.

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Good job Shawtay!
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The first thing i would do is the ultimate booze quest, because it will provide you with 1.5k (if you sell the light shovel), which will help you to get your first equipment pieces. Its fairly safe too. After that you could go to kazordoon and pick up one of the daily spawns of a dwarven pickaxe (look up the location on tibia.wikia.com). On my server the price of a dwarven pickaxe is 7k. Now you can find a team of all 4 vocations and do the desert quest for 10k+. From now on you can buy Equipment and hunt profitable spawns.
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Ok. Are there more methods or quests viable to be done in a new char for money or just these ones mentioned?