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I wanna tame Ladybug Ladybug by using Four-Leaf Clover Four-Leaf Clover. I can collect Gooey Mass Gooey Mass and try my luck or sell them on market for 74k -56k  and buy  Four-Leaf Clover  Four-Leaf Cloverfor these cash. From War Against the Hive Quest I can collect 16 Gooey Mass Gooey Mass per week. I hope someone can share with me experience about opening  gooey masses.

My question is:

Is it better to open Gooey mass and try my luck or sell them on market and use this cash for buy Four-Leaf Clover ?

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You need open 219 Gooey Mass Gooey Mass to get 1 Four-Leaf Clover Four Leaf Clover.

Low price: 219 Gooey Mass Gooey Mass x 56.000 Gold Coin Gold Coin = 12.264.000 Gold Coin Gold Coin

Max price: 219 Gooey Mass Gooey Mass x 74.000 Gold Coin Gold Coin = 16.206.000 Gold Coin Gold Coin

So, if you can buy the Four-Leaf Clover Four Leaf Clover by a price of 12.263.999 or lower, is better buy theFour-Leaf Clover Four Leaf Clover and sell the   Gooey Mass Gooey Mass.

Source: Gooey Mass Gooey Mass Statistics

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You should consider the average of gold you can get from the other items.
In this case it won't change much since most of the itens are trash or few potions.
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On 219 Gooey Mass you got:
88 Platinum Coin (8.800 Gold Coins)
440 Larvae (0 Gold Coins)
73 Black Pearl (20.440 Gold Coins)
73 Great Health Potion (16.425 Gold Coins)
73 Great Mana Potion (10.512 Gold Coins)
2 Gold Ingot (10.000 Gold Coins)
Total: 66.177 Gold Coins
66k is nothing.
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It depends by lucky. For me, Gooey Masses  is only worth when you need achievement (x100),  and you want to collect achievements.... otherwise I would sell them. 

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If you don't have a weird need to risk and test your luck, if you rather care about money, not "adventure", then I suggest to buy it. It all depends on your luck. I remember when I was low lvl I got 2 clovers from about 50 of Gooey Masses, but then... 400 without any luck. If the price on market is 56-74k it is really worth to sell it.

To collect more Gooey Masses I suggest to hunt on -1, it is really profitable place!