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Today I wanted buy a Treasure Map to go to check if the Crustacea, but I found 3 kinds of Maps... so I wanna know what is the correct map to use to check the mount and if is possible I will appreciate if you can tell me the use of the others maps!

Thanks in advance.

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There are Four types of Pirate Maps unless you count the other piece unwriten that you can drop on the Pirate Bosses.

Treasure Map.gif 

Treasure Map (Pirate) 

( Loot : Pirate Buccaneer, Pirate Cutthroat, Pirate Marauder). This item is used to access the Treasure island holes, and by using it , it will disapear.)

This one can be used to check crustacea.

Treasure Map (Falso).gif

Treasure Map (Fake) 

( Only can be bought from NPC John on Treasure island , and after using 100 of them you get the achievement ''Slim Chance'', note that it is only possible to get the achievement with this one. ) 


Pirate Treasure Map 

( This Item is obtained in the Treasure Hunt Quest, and it can be used to sail to the Treasure Hunt Island )



(This item looks like the ones above, and it is studied during the Meriana Quest )


Very Old Piece of Paper.gif

Very Old Piece of Paper

(Item dropped on the Pirate Bosses, and it's a item necessary for the beginning of the Treasure Hunt Quest )

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There are 2 kinds of Pirate Maps:

  •  Treasure Map: Bought at the NPC "John", in Treasure Island. Use it 100x to get the achievement "Slim Chance"
  •  Treasure Map (Pirate): Looted by:  Pirate Buccaneer,  Pirate Marauder and  Pirate Cutthroat. Used to find hidden holens in Treasure Island, in which you find the  Crustacea Gigantica