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If I use It in e.g. a Lava Lurker without attacking him the defense work or I need attack/get experience?

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As far I know the Defense prey protects you from any attack of the monster selected with the % that appears on your prey level (stars).

In your example if you have Lava Lurker on a Defense prey with 20% that monster will deal 20% less damage on every attack he makes on you. There is no need to get exp or attack for this prey to be active.
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So in theory I can keep this prey working forever if I don't get experience and waste it?
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Not sure about that , I know that for example if you block monsters but u dont attack them u are not losing stamina, but not sure if that prey works the same
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XP prey/Loot prey time passes while you gain xp
def/atk prey time passes while you have battle
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