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This weekend is double loot and I wonder if I use prey loot it can be increase the loot x3?

In case it were possible can you make a pic of the before and after on a hunt to we see both loot.

Thanks in advance.
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Most people reports that they are getting 3 times their normal balance.
But since I Haven't found my habitual hunting place free, I cant add valid data xD

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Numbers wise the maximum you could increase your loot would be to 2.4x (Normal loot + double loot + maximum prey bonus). In practice this means you could roll up three of the same rare item. It'll be interesting to see if someone if someone can in fact post a screenshot of the same rare item being received three times

Edit: Asked on my world and someone told me they had got 3 Terra Boots from a Ghastly Dragon. Not a rare as such but seems to indicate its possible.