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I was thinking about what's worth it. During rapid respawn you will kill the pharaohs more often since they will respawn faster and you will get more chance to loot some rare (more monster killed, more chance to loot) and during double loot, you get 2 loot rolls at one killing, so what is better?

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Rapid respawn event have no effect on bosses (Pharaohs too). So, the answer is simple :)

Is better to camp at Pharaos during double loot event instead of rapid respawn event.


Does the rapid respawn event affect bosses? - TibiaQA

Is it better to camp at Pharaos during rapid respawn or double loot?

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Double loot works on all regular bosses which are not using the reward system.
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then i guess it only doesnt effects on bosses with a bag cuz i remember that the ancient lion knight wasnt effected
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That is exactly what Williams said. Bosses not using the reward system = bosses without the bag.