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Hello dear Tibian!

Boosted creatures give double XP/loot and spawn twice faster, but how the prey system works on these creatures?

 A prey of +40% of XP works on the normal XP amount or at the double?

For example: Dawnfire Asura.gif Dawnfire Asura gives 4100 pints of experience, as today she is the boosted creature she will yeld 8200 points of experience. If I use a prey of XP 10 stars which give +40% of XP,  which of the following conditions is correct:

8200 + (4100x0,40) = 9840 points of experience

8200 + (8200x0,4) = 11480 points of experience

What about prey of loot?

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The Prey Loot and the Boosted Creature works similar, both increase the chance (percentage) of get loot.

By example: Dawnfire Asura drop the Oriental Shoes, this have 1% of chance (Example), with the Boosted Creature (100% more) you gonna have 2% of chance.

With the Prey Loot (40% more) you gonna have 1.4% of chance.