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The prey system in Tibia gives us the options to get a damage boost, damage reduction, improved loot, or even an experience boost on a creature. However, I want to know if I can stick with the same prey bonus without using a wild card? For example, I want to keep my experience boost on Glooth Bandits. Would I be able to keep it on Glooth Bandits or at least another creature somehow without using a wild card?

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Hello Shawtay!

The only way you can keep your prey bonus is changing the creature, you will no use a wild card, but in will cost some gold coins according the level of the char you are, or if your have no cold down you can even change it for free:

Otherwise if you want to keep same prey and same criature you will need at least 5 wild card to be sure to choose the same monster.

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You can keep Your bonus (example 10/10 loot) but You cannot keep creature without paying cards (1for random reroll and 5 for the same for another 2h)

To keep the same bonus just minute befor time end of pray reroll for another one set of creatures and You will have another 9 monsters to choose the same pray.