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While using "Automatic Bonus Reroll" on the active prey you have, (that means using only 1 Prey Wildcard per 2 hours hunt) and taking for example an old world, where Tibia Coins are worth 30k each; Buying the pack of 5 Prey Wild Cards for 50 Tibia coins costs 1.5kk (thats 10 hours of hunt) What is the profit per hour needed to breakeven using Prey Wildcards?

If you could share the formula to get the ammount so everybody can calculate with the Tibia Coins price of their own worlds or to calculate while using "Lock Prey" (5 Prey Wildcards per 2 hours hunt) would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello, as you said, it deppends on the status of the prey: if locked prey(5 wild cards-2h, 1,5kk) or reroll prey(1 card - 10h, 1,5kk).

Having that on mind, you just need to make your profit/h be the same amount that youre wasting/h, so:

Locking prey: waste: 1,5kk/2h = 750k/h -> You should profit 750k/h to break even.
Rerolling prey: waste: 1,5kk/10h = 150k/h -> You should profit 150k/h to break even.

I think that the formula woul be:

Profit= (TcPrice*50)/(#Hours)

Remember, the number of hours is 2 when the prey is locked and 10 when the prey is rerolled.