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I got a frost dragon on my prey slot and want to hunt there just to change a little my hunts, so what is the best prey to use?

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Dragons and loot choose one >.< so I would not use Loot prey. You didn’t tell us about level and vocation so only low level ek might use Defense prey there. Now it’s about damage prey and additional experience. For gaining level I would choose experience prey and for bestiary I would choose damage to kill as many as I can. :)
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I'm a level 155 paladin, so I guess I'll use the experience prey, I have cash to pay the waste, so it will be fun to gain more experience
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For me XP PREY.  loot is never too much, so waste is independent of prey. In contrast, Frost dragon is one of the two monsters around, and there are more so in my opinion it's always worth taking preya on xp when one monster prevails.