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There are very few clues about this princess in the game, could it be some unfinished secret quest? Although it sometimes appears in a Hero's dialogue, nothing more is known about her.

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Princess Lumelia disappeared one day and no one knows for sure what has happened to her. Many do believe she has met a sad fate though. Nevertheless, people are still looking for her to this very day. If you have ever encountered Heroes (Have you seen princess Lumelia?), you may have noticed that they asked you if you have seen her by any chance. Minishabaal (I had Princess Lumelia as breakfast) claims not only to have seen Princess Lumelia, he even says he had her for breakfast. If the Heroes ever get to hear this, just tell them to go looking for her in The Cave, where A Bearded Woman is being held captive by Pirates precisely because of his excellent impersonation of Princess Lumelia. Maybe they can then save her after all.

Also can read this article about the princess in www.portaltibia.com.br in portuguese.

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