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Is there anything more we know about Ratha? Who he is and what he did side from what Tibia Fandom has? The fact his skull can be sold always striked me odd. But it's a classic quest and sometimes you need money could be a reason why. But maybe there's also more to the skull than selling it?



You see a skull of Ratha. It weighs 21.80 oz.

Ratha was a great explorer and even greater ladies' man. Sadly he never returned from a visit to the amazons.
It can be sold only once by every player.
It looks the same as a Skull and a Drowned Seaman's Skull.

Sell to:

Angus1Port Hope250

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Can I suggest the question be "What can Skull of Ratha be used for?" - of course if it matches your intention
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Perfect suggestion thank you for your input

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I dont really see it as selling it to the Explorer Society. I see it more as a reward for discovering what happened to one of their members, similar to returning the brooch in the Kazordoon Jolly Axeman taverns toilet/sewer.

But its Tibia so anything is possible, but then again, its probably not.
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true it is a reward and yea..story after story this game lol