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Long time ago I did a research of where the Supreme Cube can be used. But today I tried to use it inside of the Otherworld "Heart of destruction Quest" (I was standing on the lever) and I couldn't use it, and when I moved away for the lever I got to use it. So this makes me wonder: In which other places is not possible to use the supreme cube? Thanks in advance.

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Aside from many of the rooms before the bosses (where the lever is) as you said, the boss rooms themselves are also blocked from cubing out.

Edit: If you swear at King Tibianus during the Kingsday mini world change, you end up in Thais Jail, from which you cannot either teleport out of there, or log out there.

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Thanks for your answer!! I will wait maybe someone find out another places that are also blocked that are missing so far and we don't know.
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Basically you cannot use the cube on any No Log Out Zone, which are basically the bosses rooms and other places: 

  • Outlaw Camp/Water Elemental Dungeon (dungeon + surface island)
  • Sunken Mines
  • Orc Encampments
  • Chyllfroest
  • Zzaion
  • The Lightbearer reward room
  • Cake Keep Isle
  • Winterberry Cellar
  • Realm of Dreams
  • The Spirit Grounds and their entrances
  • Devovorga's lair
  • Exits from the Adventurer's Outpost on Dawnport
  • The areas past the Hive Gates
  • The final quest room of The Ape City Quest, here
  • Dr Merlay's room and the room before
  • Most boss rooms, such as Arenas
  • The cell in Thais Jail (accessible by cursing at King Tibianus on Kingsday)
  • All areas of The First Dragon's Lair
  • Lever room and ship from A Pirate's Death to Me
  • Isle of Merriment

The following are notable exceptions that are not no-logout zones:

  • Deepling Stage 2 and 3 area, including the lairs of Tanjis, Obujos and Jaul. Note that you will be teleported to your home temple if you log in at an illegal spot according to the server's deepling stage
  • Pharaoh rooms
Hope you find this info helpful! 
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I'm a bit consufed with your last sentence about Deeplings, the cube didn't send you to the temple...
Deeplings Stages belongs to exceptions, means Cube should work there.  The Stages are related to Liquid Black Quest https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Liquid_Black_Quest