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I've done the questline and I can use the cube for tp but, I was told that you can use the supreme cube as a bed in my own house, but it is not working.
Do I need to make something special? or can't use it like bed anymore?
- It is my own house.
- I have completed the quest.
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did you really completed the quest (as Liten wrote before, u have to kill Planestrider and talk to him) or did shortcut? It didn't work for me when I have done only shortcut.

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Once you have defeated the boss Planestrider (The big face inside the cube)  and received the Monolith of the Plans, of course you can the Cube as bed inside a house of your own.

In your house just put The Supreme Cube on the floor and right click on it to select what you want to train. Be careful, if you use it inside your backpack, you will be teleported inside the cube.

While your character is sleeping The Supreme will take another form, (A little black cube). To return it to normal, just use it.
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