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After defeating the Planestrider as a reward we get a monolith of the planes kit and a parchment. Does it have any effect on using the cube to be teleported to Gray Island? Is the cooldown 2 hours or increased to 20 hours? And Why no one completes the quest to obtain the monolith?
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The same question has already been asked before. In order to keep the TibiaQA question base clean, we marked this question as a duplicate and closed it to any new answers. This does not mean the question was wrong - we are just making it easier for future users to find the answers they need by linking the duplicated question.
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"Why no one completes the Opticording Sphere Quest? " can be an overly opinion based subjective question and depends on each server and group of friends. Also you should only ask one question per each thread. I left untouched the second question since it is more relevant.