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The Opticording Sphere Quest is quite long, can you skip any of it?
and if you can, what prerequisites are needed?

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  • The Cube
    You can loot the unfinished cube from the Last Planegazer boss on a character that has already done the quest, you could also just buy it from another player (it cannot be traded on the market).
  • Rank IV in Bigfoots Burden Quest (also known as 'WZ123 access' or '1440 gnome points').


1) Complete the quests up-to and including Opticompass Sphere II.
(This is also known as the 'Krailos colors' mission or the 'ambient light' puzzle).

2) Go to Edron and get The Missing piece of the Cube from Galthens grave.

3) Go to Gray Island with the three pieces you need and Forge the Supreme Cube.

a complete opticording sphere
the cube
the missing piece of the cube

Everything else can be skipped if you just want to use the cube to teleport.
You cannot use the cube as a bed unless you finish the Into the Supreme Cube mission and kill the Planestrider.

You need Rank II in Bigfoots Burden Quest (120 gnome points) :)