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If any player starts to do the quest, and in the future he forgets what mission he is in, how can we know where we are, without having any item?

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The best way to know is going to ab’dendriel and get the optcordin sphere, depends which message it gives to you, you know what part of the quest the char is

If you use the opticording sphere and it shows the message : “ Nothing happens except... no, absolutely nothing is happening at all"… You are in the first missions and need to find the 7 places to use it…

If after using it shows this message : “ The sphere shows a faint glow. You seem to recognise several words: ‘Manipulated from above, dancing on a string.’"  Your char already passed in all 7 places but need to report to mysterious chest npc

If the message that shows is this one : “ You seem to recognize several words:'Key mechanism adjusted' and 'Optcorder key mechanism adjusted. Password required'.

You need to go to otherworld in kazz to make a complete opticording and krailos to activate a forge

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Where can i see the message? when i do look on the item?
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The message appears in your server log after using the item
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thank you so much