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Whats are the raid that can appear in Svargrond and Formorgar Mines?

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Raids in Svargrond and Formorgar Mines

Raids around Svargrond

Barbarian Raid near Bittermor

Barbarian Brutetamers, Barbarian Bloodwalkers, and Barbarian Skullhunters

0:00: Barbarians are gathering at Bittermor. They seem to be up to something.

00:08: The barbarian pack is roaming around in Bittermor.

Barbarian Raid in Svargrond

Barbarian Brutetamers, Barbarian Bloodwalkers, Barbarian Skullhunters, Barbarian Headsplitters and Ice Wwitch

00:00: Scouts report a barbarian army gathering near Svargrond.

00:00: Some invaders might try to access Svargrond via the ice to the south west.

00:03: Raiders are attacking Svargrond!

00:04: Raiders are attacking Svargrond!

00:07: The barbarians attacks on Svargrond are becoming more and more fierce!

00:11: The barbarians are preparing for a final assault on Svargrond. Hide or fight!

Ice Golem Raid in the Formorgar Mines

Ice Golems

00:00: There is a sudden rise in the ice golem population in Formorgar Mines.

00:00: More ice golems in Svargrond!

Winter Wolf Raid near Krimhorn

Winter Wolves

00:00: Packs of winter wolves have been sighted roaming the area near the barbarian camps in Svargrond!

00:04: The barbarian camp in Svargrond is being attacked by winter wolves!

Ghazbaran Raid in the Formorgar Mines

Ghazbaran, Demons, Furys, Juggernauts, and Deathslicers

00:00: An ancient evil is awakening in the mines beneath Hrodmir.

00:10: Demonic entities are entering the mortal realm in the Hrodmir mines.

00:20: The demonic master has revealed itself in the mines of Hrodmir.

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