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Whats are the raid that can appear in Kazordoon?

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Raids in Kazordoon

Raids inside Kazordoon

Bat Raid in Kazordoon

Small amounts of Bats will appear all over the mines of Kazordoon.

00:00:There seems to be a bat problem in the Kazordoon mines.

Spider Raid in Kazordoon

Sometimes you will meet around 10 Spiders close to the Kazordoon Depot and small groups of them in the halls of the Upper Barracks and Nobility Quarters and in the fields of The Farms.

00:00: (unannounced raid)

Goblin Raid from Femor Hills

A total of around 20 Goblins, 10 Goblin Assassins and 10 Goblin Leaders spawn during this raid.

00:00: Goblins are preparing to attack Kazordoon from Femor Hills!

00:04: Goblins attack from Femor Hills!

00:06: Goblins attack from Femor Hills!

00:08: Danger! Now the goblin leaders attack Kazordoon from Femor Hills!

Minotaur Raid in Kazordoon Mines


00:00: Kaplar! Flee before it is too late! Minos in the Kazordoon Mines!

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interesting... Which of them are possible to reward with silver tokens?
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