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Whats are the raid that can appear in Carlin Raids, Femor Hills and Ghostland?

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Raids in Carlin, Femor Hills and Ghostland

Raids on and near Carlin

Troll Raid North-West of Carlin (Between the Nordic Stronghold and the Nordic Ferry)

A total of around 20 Trolls, 22 Troll Guards and 7 Troll Champions spawn during this raid.

00:00: Trolls trolling north-west of Carlin!

00:02: Even more Trolls north-west of Carlin!

00:03: Beware! Troll Champions north-west of Carlin!

Wasp Raid North of Carlin

Wasps and Willi Wasp

00:00: Some Wasps have been found North of Carlin. There is some loud buzzing in the air.

00:02: (Unannounced Raid)

00:04: Buzzing Madness North of Carlin! Be careful if you're allergic!

00:05: Willi Wasp the Wicked has arrived!

Lesser Undead Raid on Ghostlands

Skeletons, Ghouls, Ghosts, Demon Skeletons

00:00: There is a slight uneven energy in the ghostlands west of Carlin. Something is going to happen soon.

00:03: Skeletons appeared in the ghostlands. Something is wrong there!

00:05: Now the ghostlands are full of ghouls! Seems like there is a massive outburst of negative energy there!

00:10: (unannounced Ghost raid)

00:12: (unannounced Demon Skeleton raid)

Undead Raid on Ghostlands

Ghouls, Stalkers, Ghosts, Mummys, Demon Skeletons, Lichs, and Banshees

00:00: A disturbance in the ether stirs up the undead of the Ghostlands.

00:07: The undead are reclaiming the Ghostlands once more!

00:15: The dreaded Banshees and their undead retinue are unleashed in the Ghostland.

00:20: Banshees wish to feast on the souls of the living! Fight them in the Ghostlands or abandon all hope!

Orc Raid in the Woods

Orcs, Orc Shamans, Orc Berserkers, and Orc Leaders

00:00: Some Orcs are assembling in the woods between Carlin and Northport.

(orcs spawn)

00:06: (unannounced raid)

(more orcs spawn)

00:08: Orcs are attacking Carlin from the north-east!

(orc shamans, berserkers and leaders spawn)

Orc Raid on Femor Hills (They apper near and in the whitewatch tower)

Orcs, Orc Warriors, War Wolfs, Orc Riders, Orc Berserkers, Orc Shamans, Orc Warlords

00:00: (unannounced raid)

Hunter and Wild Warrior Raid on Femor Hills

Hunter and Wild Warrio

00:00: (unannounced raid)

Amazon Raid North of Carlin (Near the Amazon Camp)


00:00: Amazons are converging north of Carlin.

00:09: (unannounced raid)

00:12: Amazon attack north of Carlin!

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How many Liches can appear on Ghostland? Wasn't just one?
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