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Whats are the raid that can appear in Yalahar?

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Raids in Yalahar

  • Raids around Yalahar

Vampire Raid in Yalahar






00:00: Citizens of Yalahar, beware! Harbingers of vampiric blood thirst are appearing in the city. Fight them or take your chance to flee while you still can.

00:02: The sky over Yalahar is darkened by many little wings. Whoever isn't ready to fight the greater evil approaching, seek refuge inside the houses.

00:05: Vampires have arrived in Yalahar - looking for humans to feed on and quench their blood thirst.

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Yalahar_Raids

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What is this map showing?
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The place where raid appear.
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Usually, how many Vampires appear there?
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The map location is not completely correct. Monsters spawn all around Yalahar , first Barts, then Vampires. These are not exact numbers, but something like 5-8 vampires in like 4-5 spots on the main road along the inner wall.