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When you check some of the golden rune emblems in the wiki, it is stated that they replaced the so called "overcharged runes".

What were these runes, what was their purpose and how could they be obtained?

It seems there is not much information about these items anymore.

Some links:

Summer update 2010

Silver Rune Emblem (Desintegrate)

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In the past runes had a charge and each rune has its own number of charges and if a rune had more than this preset number of charges it became a “overcharged rune”

Some of this overcharged runes could be obtained in PoI and others were loot of Ferumbras when it was controlled by someone from Cipsoft (when it wasn’t a creature)

The overcharged runes had the same purpose as regular runes they only had more changes than the ones created by mages or bought at stores

When the runes and potions became stackable they decided to change all overcharged runes into silver/golden runes emblems and some are still obtainable in game(only in quests like POI) but most are only obtainable in fansites contest/events
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The overcharged runes were old runes with more charges than usual (By example: Energy Bomb Rune Energy Bomb runes with 15 charges), the Rune Emblems (Silver Rune Emblem (Energy Bomb) Silver Rune Emblem (Energy Bomb) ) replace the old overcharged runes.

This was changed in the update Update 8.6.