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Have you ever wondered what the scriptures of the runes in tibia mean? I ask for suggestions

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Firstly, I want to start this off with I’m not an expert in Runology (the study of Runic alphabets). I tried to do some research on the matter but there’s nothing I could find on what the rune symbols mean in Tibia. I wish Tibia would create an article on to maybe give us some insight as to the story behind rune symbols. I’d say most of the symbols are unique and don’t mean something that is easily identifiable to us or in Tibia. I do see some similarities in runic languages based off of pictures on the internet from Younger Futhark (also known as Scandinavian runes) or other pictures off of this Runic page on some of the runes. For example, the Soulfire rune can be seen in the second Runic link I shared under the number 5, but I don’t know why this would mean Soulfire. Or the arrow pointing up on the Lightest Missile rune is shown as the letter F, which doesn’t really help in this situation as it makes no sense. I do see how some runes can be identified easily like the circle on the Great Fireball rune reminds me of the ring of fire, but this is hearsay. Lastly, I wanted to say that I couldn’t find a rune with an unhappy face on it which is seen on the energy bomb rune. My conclusion is that Tibia has its own runic language that’s maybe too complex for us like Bonelord Language, or just is for decorative purposes. In case you want to see the runes in Tibia please check out this fansite- Tibia Fandom: Rune Chart

Animate Dead RuneExplosion RuneGreat Fireball RuneFireball RuneEnergy Field RuneEnergy Wall RuneSorc and Druid Attack RuneLightest Missile RuneHealing Rune for DruidsIntense Healing Rune (Item)Cure Poison Rune (Item)Energy Bomb Rune