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I've always been in love with the Shield of Honour and the symbol on it especially. Is there a meaning to the symbol on the shield or is it just a design?


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To me it looks like a ring, and may be to symbolize the lasting bond, as it was given to those who bought the first premium times
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Looks like a guy with a hat for me xD
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in front of a lake
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The symbol on shield of Honour actually resembles the shape of Medal of Honour. Of course there are different designs of it ( most of the time depending on history and sometimes religion of the country), but usually it is a 5 pointed star or circle, or both. Example- Tibia's Medal of Honour  1. Since the shape is more a circle- the intention was go with the design of cluster of laurel leaves which are a symbol of victory. However, it would be also difficult to make a star design- so I would say it was just "simplified".

An example of medals:


1. https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Medal_of_Honour

2. https://www.htcinc.net/as-we-honor-veterans-here-are-some-who-rose-above/medal-of-honor/

3. https://www.mohconvention.com/the-medals/design-symbolism/

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Medal of Honour clearly looks like one of those army medals, but Ican't se a star at Shield of Honour.
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Yeah. That's why I wrote it is simplified and generalised. They are different types of those medals. The universal one is a circle- from a wreath which is a symbol of honour. If you google different country it might change- it can be cross, a star or circle or something else- depending of political and historical background. It also does not have fully circle shape. Star in pixels as a "symbol" is difficult to pull off and then will look inappropriate or inadequate.
Grab a pen or try to change existing sprite and try to draw it using single lines and tell me how does it look.
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im having trouble understanding or seeing the symbol
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I do not see any similarity either. Apart from the name.
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