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You can get some basic training weapons as one of the daily gifts at the reward shrine, not to mention the fact that you can buy the better ones (exercise weapons) on magic shops, with much more charges. They are a very important resource to be used on your character nowadays to accelerate your development.

However, where are located all of the public dummies (dummies that you do not need to buy for your house) that you can use these training/exercise weapons?

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So.. let's see if I don't forget any. Most them are in the same rooms than the offline trainers

  • Adventurer's guild

  • Carlin

  • Thais (paladin guild)

  • Ab'dendriel (-1 north depot)

  • Venore (-4 under depot)

  • Kazordoon

  • Svargrond (+1 where the arenas are)

  • Yalahar (+2)

  • Edron

  • Darashia (in the palace)

  • Ankrahmun (+3 in the building east of the mana pot shot, bank, etc)

  • Port Hope 

  • Liberty Bay (+6 fortress)

  • Krailos (-1, where the depot is)

  • Oramond (-1 west dp)
  • Feirist (-1 west side of the protection zone area)

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Nice answer! You have put a lot of work on that!
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Great answer! Screenshots make it really easy to locate the spot.
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The Exercise Dummies are distributed near of the Training Statues, around all big Cities of Tibia.

Ab'Dendriel: Underground, a little north of depot.

Ankrahmun: Pyramid of the paladin and knight guild; the pyramid next to stores.

Carlin: Knight guild, by north exit.

Darashia: Palace, northernmost building of Darashia.

Edron: North part of the castle, west when entering from the boat.

Feyrist: To the west of Taegen and underground.

Kazordoon: Near knight guild, south-west of depot.

Krailos Village: Near the depot.

Liberty Bay: Fortress.

Port Hope: Largest open bamboo construction on the south side of Port Hope; west of Bamboo Garden 3.

Rathleton: South west of depot in a building.

Svargrond: Near the arena.

Thais: Paladin guild (for distance).

Venore: Under depot.

Yalahar: On top of depot.
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The only free dummy I know its in the adventurer’s guild and everyone with an adventurer’s stone can go there

Edit: Tibia wiki says you can found one in every training school