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With Winter update 2020 we are expecting introduction of new types of Exercise Weapons (Enhanced & Masterful). What are the differences between each of them? 

Chart would be highly appreciated. Example below:

Number of ChargesPrice in GPPrice in Tibia CoinsPower of the charges
Standard Exercise Weapon
Enhanced Exercise Weapon
Masterful Exercise Weapon 

Can be amended if needed. 

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Here is the listing that will include the new Exercise Weapons. Each Exercise weapon will cost the same amount per charge (525 GP or 0.05 TC). The only difference is the newer weapons will last longer so you won't have to buy as many and keep attacking the dummy to stay logged in.


Number of ChargesPrice in GPPrice in TC
Standard Exercise Weapon500262,50025
Enhanced Exercise Weapon1,800945,00090
Masterful Exercise Weapon14,4007,560,000720

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The price of exercise is equal as you mentioned. But what I want everyone to know is time saves you money so you're better off (if you can afford) getting the masterful exercise weapons. 8 hours of constant training, go to bed and wake up and live life like a king or queen!