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Hello, 430 ek Here. I have around 150kk in Cash. My question is, should i buy sword or wait until double event and put my Cash into exe weapons ? My skill is 110 sword. That so bad. What should i do ?:)

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Hello, on my knight I have bought shredder around 520~ and that time I had skill around 115+/-. I suggest you to buy Shredder instead of exercise weapons because your skill is not that bad and soul weapon will greatly change your gameplay as it changed mine. You will be able to hunt more places with better profit, it is really worth. Exercise weapons bought for 150kk will advance your skill to 115 in almost 7 days of double event (162h) so in my opionion it is waste of time and money for exercise weapons.
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Definitely go for Soulshredder. Not only you get one extra sword fighting (compared to what falcon sword gives you). You will also get extra critical damage and most importantly, you will have third imbue slots (for your life leech) and you will feel like a god.

+ if you have low blow unlocked (meaning you have 18% of crit chance instead of 10%) this scales even more with the extra crit damage.

My standard approach would be - if I can get one extra sword fighting for 30kk in training swords, why would I waste 80kk for an item that gives me one extra sword fighting.

Howering in this case we talk about extra critical, extra imbue slot and that is worth it