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With the doble exp/skill weekend coming I wanted to know wich way of skilling is better - normal skilling or skilling with exercise weapons.
Plus just did shadows of yalahar so I have a nice place to skill.

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Both regular training and training with exercise weapons is faster during double exp/skill event. People tend to wait with using exercise weapons until double exp/skill, since you are essentially getting twice as much progress for the same price. If you are rich enough to afford exercise weapons, then of course that will be always faster. Consider whether this is the price you want to pay though. One exercise weapon gives you less progress than a single, full offline training session (12 hours).
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Thinking about magic level is better to use potions than use exercise rod/wand, but it's much more boring and you will waste a lot of time in front of computer (considering u do not use ilegal programs of course).

In case of distance fighting use exercise bow inside a house has a faster progress, but you will spend a lt of money. Same for melee skills.
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are you sure about your answer?  I have noticed that mlvl increases way faster than distance with the exercise weapons.
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There are calculators of skills in these 2 websites:

  1. https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Calculators

In this one you can easily calculate how many exercise weapons you will need to use to skill up. Every exercise weapon lasts 15minutes, so there is a maximum of 4 weapons that can be used every hour.

  1. http://www.tibia-stats.com/index.php?akcja=skillCalc

This one calculates how many potion/food/ammunition would you spend if you decide to manual training.

Using these 2 tools, I did some maths for my own, to give you an idea of the waste:

To increase distance fighting from 118 with 80% to go to 119:

  • Exercise weapons:
    • With House dummy: 149 exercise bows (39kk), what would take me one day and a half of training.
    • Without House dummy: 164 exercise bows (43kk), what would take almost 2 days.
  • Manual training:
    • With Flaming arrows: I would spend 4.3kk, but would take me more than 4 days of 'double exp/skills days'.

About magic level: to increase it from 33 with a 40% to 34:

  • Exercise weapons:
    • With House dummy: 65 exercise wands/rods (18.6kk), 16 hours aprox.
    • Without House dummy: 71 exercise wands/rods (18.6kk), 18 hours aprox.
  • Manual training:
    • With strong manas: It would take 3 days and 6 hours (22.5kk)

For me, as a RP I always prefer using rod/wands for training with dummy, and manual training for distance during the double exp weekend, and without it too.