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Curiously, this rune that summons a skeleton for you as soon you use it on a dead body is one that can be made by druids and sorcerers, and the minimum requirement is level 27 and magic level 4. Costing a heavy amount of 600 mana points and 5 soul points, the rune itself is a contradiction since you can summon a skeleton for 300 mana (if you are a druid or a sorcerer) or even convince one for 300 mana. And even if you add the mana points and soul points used on the fabrication of a convince rune (which are respectively 200 mana and 3 soul points), you will see that convincing stands still as a cheaper option to get a skeleton for you.

Seeing all of this, is there any practical use for this rune at any serious situation, besides being something that you can play around with friends in front of depot? What is the advantage of having such rune?

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Too useless, a Skeletons are to weak agains all other mobs and on level 27 you can summoning (Utevo res) such better things like Fire Devil/Monk/Demon Skeleton (Level 28)/Orc Leader (Level 29), Fire Elemental (Level 30)/Gozzler (Level 34). Also save capacity.
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Yes, I agree. Seems to be useless, unfortunately.

hm, I guess you can summon Fire Devils at this level but Fire Elementals take some more exp. I didn't remember about Gozzler being a monster for that level... interesting!
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Yes, you are right I add the best summon and levels.
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I would use it only for 2 things:

1- Nice prints ^^

2- Practicing attack skills... but it's not so nice sisnce the skeletons don't hit you back :(   but if u're in a pvp world and u have a friend, you and your friend can use this rune so that u can attack your friend's skeleton while it attacks u and the same to your friend....

So, basically, only nº 1 is good enough.