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The Cure Poison Rune is an exclusive rune made by Druids and available to Free Accounts. It has the effect to remove the poisoned status from any player. You can use it on yourself or on other people. Curiously, one of it's requirements is that you need magic level 0 or higher to use it. It happens because this rune used to be available on Rookgaard, before the creation of the Antidote Potion there. Another curiosity is that you can only use this rune after you hit level 15, which makes the rune quite unpractical, since everyone already got the Cure Poison Spell at this point.

But nowadays, is there any functionality or advantage for player to use this rune? Is there any serious use of it on the current the Tibia gameplay? Or is it just something cool to help really new players that cannot use or don't know about the Cure Poison Spell yet?

Rune's icon obtained on: https://www.tibiawiki.com.br/wiki/Cure_Poison_Rune

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I'd say it's still good for really low levels. They can use it when fighting Scorpions... well, they're really not nice

I can imagine a scene like this: I'm lvl 15, no mana, and a stupid scorpion hits me. If I have no potions, I'd die with one of these runes.

But well, mana potions are way more useful, right?
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All it does is simply cure poison. I do agree that this is one of the runes they should work on.
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Only work on Rookgaard as rare item. On mainland don't work, the damage from poisoned is really weak, you dont gonna waste capacity to bring a item who have same value than a easy spell like "exana pox".
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Interesting! Too bad that the rares on Rook were "destroyed" after the abuse of the bug of returning to Dawnport with items from Mainland...
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Its only usefull if you dont buy the spell but its easier and cheaper just buy the “exana pox” spell