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I was wondering if there is any practical use (like quests, tasks) of the items - dead frog and dead snake, since those items can be looted from some monsters?

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The only use of both items (Dead Frog (Item) and Dead Snake (Item)) are for decoration.

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Chief Grarkharok can be fed these items :) He only likes fresh ones though. Whether or not it actually does something for the Troll Sabotage quest is not confirmed, so it appears to be just roleplay for now. In Mythology, Trolls are known to eat weird things so this could be why. I don't think any NPC buys dead snakes or frogs, I checked multiple fansites and they don't list this information.

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These two entities cannot be traded by the Market. It has no practical use, it can be dropped by the creatures: Dark Apprentice and Lizard Snakecharmer.

Dead snake can be dropped during attacks: Apprentice Sheng too.