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If I dont have Inquisition Quest, what is the best way to buy all blessings?
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- Starting from Thais
0.- Go to the "Depot" and search one "Phoenix Egg", put inside of your "Backpack". This give you 10% discount on "The Spark of the Phoenix" blessing (Kazordoon).
1.- Go with "Palomino" and ask about "Rent" (500 Gold Pieces) and ride your horse.
2.- Go and buy "The Spiritual Shielding" blessing on the "White Flower Temple" with "Norf".
3.- Go to "Palomino" ans ask about "transport" (250 Gold Pieces), If the event (Horse Station) is not active, you will be transported to Venore with Appaloosa.
4.- Go to the surface of "Kazordoon" with "Lukosch", buy a "Wagon Ticket" (500 Gold Pieces) and use "Ore Wagon" to skip the mountain pass to the north.
5.- Continue your way to the "Suntower" and buy "The Fire of the Suns" blessing with "Edala".
6.- Follow the way to "Carlin", find the "Temple" and buy "The Embrace of Tibia" blessing with "Humphrey".
7.- Go back to "Kazordoon", use the "Ore Wagon" near to Dukosch to entnter in the City.
8.- On "Kazordoon" go with "Kawill" and ask about "The Spark of the Phoenix".
9.- Now go to the north, cross the "Fire Fields", find "Pydar" and ask about "The Spark of the Phoenix" to buy the The Spark of the Phoenix blessing.
10.- If you want, can buy a "Solitude Charm" from players and use it to get the equivalent version of "The Wisdom of Solitude" blessing.

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