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Dwarf Geomancer For Bestiary - What's the best spawn for Dwarf Geomancers so I can complete it? By best I mean which one has the most.

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Ill test these spawns out later to see which one has a lot, thanks so much for the responses.

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The cave where I did my bestiary of this creature, (among the other dwarves) is in the dwarves cave of beregar.

Once you got the quest you got access to the nord door, where a total of 20 of them spawn:

There are not good respawns to kill these creatures but I think in rapid respawn this one works super good.

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oh wow! but it's harder to make in this spot in my opinion, long time rushing
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To kilI Dwarf Geomancer Dwarf Geomancer I think on:

You can kill all Dwarf Geomancer Dwarf Geomancer on Cirlce Room, go to mines kill another Dwarf Geomancer Dwarf Geomancer and back to Circle Room.
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For me best spot to make bestiary Dwarf Geomancer and Dwarf Guard  is Dwarven Hell Quest: 

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How many can you find in this respawn?
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I think about 14 ~ there's double respawn so I could be wrong