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My friend did a lot of bestiary and he still complains that he has the worst left (e.g. frosty asura)... but You can check who has done the most in the game?

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Interesting quest, well done!

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No, from my knowledge there's no way of knowing who has the most bestiary points in the game it's not under highscores. You can't even see your friends bestiary progress even if you add them as a friend on Tibia. I know there's a tool to track your bestiary on a fansite here: https://tibiopedia.pl/monsters/mine You can share your bestiary with your friends as long as your registered to this fansite you'll be able to access the tool. You can change the language on the website by pressing the books that are currently displayed on the north west corner of this page.
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Highscore for total charmpoints would've been nice. But since we don't have it I will share the two players I know that have completed full bestiary: Bogus Apocalypse  & Lord Valeta.

Can be confirmed by checking their title "Executioner" which is given to those with a completed bestiary.
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wow, really all monsters or all runes? :) yes I know about this title.
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Wooow how did they even