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In summer update 2019, we got a new feature in the game: TITLES

My question is regarding 2 of them:

  • Beastrider (Grades 1-5)
  • Tibia's topmodel (Grades 1-5)

Each grade corresponds to 10 Outfits/Mounts, for example Beastrider (Grade 1) is granted when unlocking at least 10 mounts.

Do STORE outfits and mounts count towards obtaining the titles?

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I've reformulated the title into a question

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In short answer, NO the Mounts or Outfits from the store dont count to the Titles.

Funny fact, if you rent the 3 colours versions of the Rented Horse Rented Horse this count like 3 mounts the the Beastrider Title.

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No, mounts and outfit from the store don't count. You can't get these titles at the moment, there is only mount in the game.