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As the topic says I wonder if the mounts/addons from store/tournaments the ones that once you purchase and are available for ALL characters on your account  (like , , , , etc) will be also available for the new owner who buy a character?

So if I buy a character who the old owner got those specials mounts/outfit do will I get those on that character too or I will lose it?

Thanks in advance.

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Special mounts or outfits don't get transferred to the new owner during an auction, you'll be able to create a new character and still keep the outfits/mount. 

"The recruiter outfit, benevolent mounts as well as the golden character names and the ability to buy the dragon slayer outfit are account-bound. The achievement "The More the Merrier" also stays with the account. The rented horse will be transferred, but it expires normally, i.e. after the first 7 days after the seller's account creation. Account badges once earned stay even if you no longer meet the requirements."

Source-  Character Auctions - CM response

There was an official response to the issue-

Q: It seems that some people are displaying the covid mount (with benevolent in the name) in the discription of the selling character.
But as some CIP member already said here, this mount shouldnt go with the character, right?
A: Correct, this is a bug that will be fixed. The benevolent mounts will not be transferred

Source- Character Auctions - CM response

Lastly, there was a bugfix about the situation of the mount appearing on the mounts list during a character auction-

Benevolent mounts no longer show up as part of character auctions.

Source- News - Bug Fixes

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Thanks for your search work! Always sharing officials answer well done!
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Just another doubt to make it clear to me: in case I had the Benevolent, from the Covid promotion the char I will buy will have it too right?
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They should  as long as your account bought the mount during the promotion. It's an account based mount, for future and current characters.