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If I take the daily-reward how much increase the regeneration ofHitpoint, Mana Points, Stamina and Soul Points?

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You get the following bonuses for each consecutive day you take the daily reward:

  1. Nothing (the first day is not a streak yet)
  2. Hitpoint regeneration in rested areas (100%)
  3. Mana regeneration in rested areas (100%)
  4. Stamina regeneration in rested areas (100%)
  5. Double hitpoint regeneration in rested areas (200%)
  6. Double mana regeneration in rested areas (200%)
  7. Soul point regeneration (100%)
Edit based on the question below: this is 100% or 200% of what you would normally be regenerating outside of resting areas / protection zones while fed (or in the case of soul points, as if you killed an eligible creature).
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100% Based on regular place with food and promotion?
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100% of what you would be getting outside of the PZ. No matter if you are promoted or not.
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