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Talking about how % more experience it can give, loot and how much faster it can respawn?
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You are right FFoPP!
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Ok, which one of my guesses are right? :) Try to think on how to put your question in a more understandable way, ok?
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This "I think (just a guess without any confirmation) that he might be asking on how much are the stats of a boosted creature adjusted compared to the normal stats of such creature"

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A boosted creature yields double XP, double loot and has its respawn rate increased by 2x till the next server save.

You can check here:


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According to your comment if I understand correctly, you are basically asking "how the boosted monster is in comparision to normals ones, in a matter of loot, exp and respawn rate?".

The answer is double exp, loot and also respawn.

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The experience never changes unless it is Double XP (excluding green stamina and XP Boost) But loot never changes.

The respawn rate was doubled the 11th of September 2018.