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It seems (and I've heard from other people) that the Baleful Bunny and Bonny Bunny follow some sort of raid mechanic. They can't be found at all times on the island. Does anyone have more information on this? Do they spawn every x minutes and keep spawning for x minutes or is it random when and how long they will spawn? Will they spawn on your screen or can their spawn point be blocked?
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seems fine! But adding something like "How does the spawn of Baleful Bunny work and where can I find these creatures?" would be better, since you focused on one of these creatures
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I think the question could include both since it seems they share spawn points.
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well we got one specific for the other bunny already https://www.tibiaqa.com/8056/how-does-the-spawn-of-bonny-bunny-work-and-where-can-find-these-creatures but your answer is awesome as it is here, since you covered both bunnies!

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I decided to write my own answer since I don't agree with the one that already exist.

I tested respawn of Baleful Bunnies  today for some time and in my opinion it absolutely does not depend on the time in Tibia. I was killing bunnies during day and night.

So the result of my test looks like this:

XX:10 - the end of the raid

XX:21 - start of the raid (after 11 minutes)

XX:31 - the end of the raid (after 10 minutes)

XX:43 - start of the raid (after 12 minutes)

XX:55 - the end of the raid (after 12 minutes)

XX:06 - start of the raid (after 11 minutes)

XX:19 - the end of the raid (after 13 minutes)

I tried to make as accurate stats as possible, but believe me, it's hard on a crowded server, so please take into account that results may vary about +/- 1 minute.

Generally raid of Baleful Bunnies takes 10-13 minutes and the break between raids takes also 10-13 minutes.

Exact locations where you can find Baleful Bunnies you can find here:

Note, that you can meet Baleful Bunnies and Bonny Bunnies alternately!

In practice it's like: sometimes I meet 2 Bonny Bunnies, sometimes one Baleful and one Bonny Bunny, sometimes two Baleful Bunnies, or only one Bonny/Baleful Bunny... finally we can meet none of them in presented above places.

Worth to mention, that you can block the spawn of bunnines on a particular location by standing there. I tested it on the most eastern location next to the tree and none of bunnies appeared around me.

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This is similar to what I've been told by a friend. She was testing and seemed they would take 12 minutes to spawn, spawn for 12 minutes, then 12 minutes to start spawning again.
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You can block their spawn right?
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As far as I know, yes.
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I tested also if it's possible to block a spawn of bunnies and yes - it is possible. I was standing during whole raid and none of bunny spawned around me.
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Of Course  there's a time lapse on Tibia 

Baleful Bunny spawns by the night on Tibia

So I recommend to buy a watch   

I also attach an image where it will spawn i marked them, if I miss any spot tell me please♥

and for the very very last but not less important, I recently go to the island and yes you can block the respawn standing.

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Yeah my bad i fixed
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I thought I had the bunnies spawn during day and night in Tibia. I don't think your answer is right, but also a lot of people don't understand what night time is in Tibia. But like I mentioned before, are you sure bunnies can't be blocked?
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This answer has some good content but not sure if it is all accurate. I'm pretty sure the rabbits can spawn during the day.